1-3 December 2008: ESAC - Madrid, Spain

Purpose & Goals
What is the VO
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Purpose & Goals

The EURO-VO project, in the framework of the EURO-VO Astronomical Infrastructure for Data Access (AIDA), is organizing an international workshop at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC).

As new and older ground-based and space facilities will continue providing multi-wavelength data in a variety of formats and multi-chip instruments and large Surveys are expected to increase the data inflow by orders of magnitude, the VO is becoming indispensable for accessing and handling the exponentially increasing data volume. The goals of the workshop is to pinpoint the challenges multi-wavelength astronomy will be facing in the coming years and to identify how the unique capabilities intrinsic to the VO concept, such as simultaneous access to different archives, metadata describing the content and quality of the data packages or tools to e.g. cross-correlate the various datasets, can meet them.

To achieve these goals, the workshop will bring together experts in multi-wavelength galactic and extragalactic astronomy and scientists and engineers actively involved in the international VO initiative.

Among others the following topics will be addressed:

  • Multi-wavelength science/surveys: present and future status, needs, tools, facilities.
  • Data quality in the VO (Metadata).
  • Building Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs) in the VO.
  • Filters in the VO.
  • VO standards for the access of multi-wavelength data.
  • Photometry data model [IVOA data model "to come"].
  • Smart queries in the VO (based on S/N, redshift, etc).
  • Cross-correlation in the VO.
In order to ensure an intense debate and a high level of interaction, a substantial fraction of the Workshop will be dedicated to round-table discussions focused on each of the above topics. The participants are strongly encouraged to send their questions, comments or suggestions on their expectations on the VO and the impact they would want to see on their science prior to the workshop.

A short number of invited and contributed presentations will help provide the Workshop participants with the current scientific and technological context.

Some travel support is available for this workshop.
Please contact your national EuroVO AIDA board member representative for details.

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