1-3 December 2008: ESAC - Madrid, Spain

Purpose & Goals
What is the VO
Invited Speakers


The workshop proceedings can be found below:

Table of Contents
J. A. Caballero, From 1000 AU to 1000 pc: high proper-motion stars in the solar neighbourhood, radio sources in the σ Orionis cluster, and new X-ray stars surrounding Alnilam
P. Skoda, Multi-line Analysis of Stellar Spectra in the VO Environment
J. Zuther et. al., Using Virtual Observatory techniques to search for Adaptive Optics suitable AGN
C. Motch & F. -X. Pineau, Multi-wavelength observations of high energy sources
R. P. Mignani, Multi-wavelength identification of high-energy sources
H. S. P. Müller et. al., The CDMS, a database for molecular line identification especially for Herschel, SOFIA, and ALMA
C. Lobo et. al., AGN feedback and quenching of star formation: a multiwavelength approach
K.Fathi et. al., Scale Length of Disk Galaxies
M. Vaccari et. al., Local Benchmarks of Infrared Galaxy Evolution : the SWIRE-SDSS Database, Far-Infrared Local Luminosity Functions & Virtual Observatory Tools
T. Rauch & I. Nickelt, Spectral Analysis in the Virtual Observatory
C. Vignali et. al., Multi-wavelength data handling in current and future surveys: the possible role of Virtual Observatory
N. Fonseca Bonilla et. al., UV-X rays Spectral Energy Distributions of AGN using XMM-Newton data
Round Table discussion on the session: "Multi-wavelength Astronomy"
M. G. Allen, Overview of Virtual Observatory Tools
J. A. Tedds, Science with VO tools: the AstroGrid VO Desktop
B. Vollmer et. al., Cross-identification of radio sources from a large number of heterogenuous catalogues using VO tools
P. Osuna, VO-Tools variety as the spice of VO-life
J. D. Santander-Vela, Data models for Radio Astronomy in the VO
M. Louys et. al., Statistical image processing in the Virtual Observatory context
D. Baines et. al., Astronomical Spectroscopy in the VO era: VOSpec
T. Boch et. al., Combining multi-wavelength data with Aladin
M. C. Eliche-Moral et. al., Data Reduction Pipeline for GTC/FRIDA
F. Jimenez Esteban & E. Solano, The SVO role in the preparation of the "First Science with the GTC"
J. E. Ruiz et. al., GIPSY 3D: Analysis, visualization and VO-Tools
M. Kümmel et. al., The Grism Data in the Hubble Legacy Archive Project
Round Table discussion on the session: "Multi-wavelength Astronomy VO tools and standards"
S. Oliver, Multi-wavelength surveys of SDSS-like volumes at high-z
H. J. McCracken et. al., An introduction to the COSMOS survey
M. Still et. al., The XMM-Newton Serendipitous Ultraviolet Source Survey
S. Kent, Sloan Digital Sky Survey and Multiwavelength Astronomy
P. Romano et. al., The BMW-Chandra survey. Serendipitous Source Catalogue
M. T. Ceballos et. al., The AXIS-XMS multiwavelength survey and the AXIS-SVO Data Centre
Round Table discussion on the session: "Surveys"
E. Solano, Science in the Spanish Virtual Observatory
G. Verdoes Kleijn et. al., Bringing Image Data Quality to the Virtual Observatory: an Astro-WISE example
R. Gil-Merino, Spectral Energy Distributions of 2XMM-selected AGN \& VO tools
I. V. Chilingarian, Virtual Observatory for Astronomers: Where Are We Now?
R. P. Mignani et. al., Virtual Observatory studies of Planetary Nebulae
L. Valdivielso et. al., An IPHAS-based search for accreting very low-mass objects using VO tools
Round Table discussion on the session: "Putting it all together"
P. Padovani, "Multi-wavelength Astronomy and the Virtual Observatory" Workshop: Concluding remarks
M. Nikolajuk, HS 1603+3820 and its Warm Absorber

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