1-3 December 2008: ESAC - Madrid, Spain

Purpose & Goals
What is the VO
Invited Speakers


1 December 2008

Morning session: Multi-wavelength Astronomy

09:30-09:45: Workshop presentation
09:45-10:15: J. A. Caballero, From 10 to 1000 pc: from wide binaries in the solar neighbourhood, through the sigma Orionis cluster, to distant OB associations (Invited) - (.ppt)
10:15-10:35: Annie Zavagno, Triggered star formation in the Galaxy: towards a global study (.pdf)
10:35-10:55: Petr Skoda, Multi-line analysis of stellar spectra in VO environment (.ppt)
10:55-11:15: J. Zuther, Using Virtual Observatory techniques to search for Adaptive Optics suitable targets (.ppt)
11:15-11:45: Coffee/tea break
11:45-12:15: C. Motch, Multi-wavelength observations of high energy sources (Invited)
12:15-12:35: R. Mignani, Identification of high-energy sources (abstract)
12:35-12:55: H. S. P. Müller, The CDMS - a database for molecular line Identification especially for Herschel, SOFIA, and ALMA (.ppt)
12:55-13:15: C. Lobo, AGN feedback and quenching of SF (.ppt)
13:15-14:30: Lunch break

Afternoon session: Multi-wavelength Astronomy VO Tools and Standards

14:30-15:00: M. Allen, Overview of VO Tools (Invited) (.ppt)
15:00-15:30: J. Tedds, Science with VO Tools (Invited)
15:30-15:50: B. Vollmer, Radio crossidentification using VO tools (.pdf)
15:50-16:15: Coffee/tea break
16:15-16:45: P. Osuna, VO-Tools variety as the spice of VO-life (Invited)
16:45-17:05: J. Santander Vela, Data Models for Radio Astronomy (.pdf)
17:05-17:25: M. Louys, Statistical Image processing techniques applied to Astronomical multiband images and their integration to the VO (.pdf)
17:25-17:45: D. Baines, Multi-wavelength Astronomy using VOSpec (.ppt)
17:45-18:45: Round table discussion (Moderators: M. Allen,  K. Noddle, D.Baines)

20:30: Workshop Dinner at Casa Mingo

2 December 2008

Morning session: Multi-wavelength Astronomy

09:20-09:50: K. Fathi, Is disk scale length universal? (Invited) (abstract)
09:50-10:10: M. Vaccari, The SWIRE-SDSS MIPS LLFs & the VO (.pdf)
10:10-10:30: T. Rauch, Spectral Analysis in the VO (.ppt)
10:30-11:00: Coffee/tea break
11:00-11:30: C. Vignali, Peering through the complexities of multi-wavelength data handling in current and future surveys: the role of the Virtual Observatory (Invited)
11:30-12:45: Round table discussion (Moderators: M. Groenewegen, P. Rosati)

Afternoon session: Surveys

: S. Oliver, Multi-wavelength surveys of SDSS-like volumes at high redshift (Invited) (.ppt)
15:00-15:30: H. McCracken, The COSMOS project: realising the promise of multi-wavelength astronomy (Invited) (.ppt)
15:30-15:50: M. Still, The XMM-Newton Serendipitous UV Survey (.pdf)
15:50-16:20: Coffee/tea break
16:20-16:50: S. Kent, Sloan Digital Sky Survey and Multi-Wavelength Astronomy (Invited) (.pdf)
16:50-17:10: N. Castro-Rodríguez, Multi-wavelength surveys in the HerMES fields (.ppt)
17:10-18:30: Round table discussion (Moderators:  F. Carrera, G. Verdoes)

3 December 2008

Morning session: Putting it all together

: E. Solano, VO-Science in the Spanish Virtual Observatory (Invited)(.ppt)
09:40-10:00: G. Verdoes Kleijn, Quality control of multiwavelength surveys published in the VO (.ppt)
10:00-10:30: R. Gil-Merino, Spectral Energy Distributions of 2XMM-selected AGN (Invited)(.ppt)
10:30-11:00: Coffee/tea break
11:00-11:30: I. Chilingarian, VO for astronomers: where are we now? (Invited)(.pdf)
11:30-12:50: Round table discussion (Moderators: P. Osuna, E. Hatziminaoglou)
12:50-13:20: P. Padovani, Concluding remarks (.ppt)
End of Workshop