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EURO-VO Full Harvestable VO Resource Registry

Welcome to the EURO-VO Full Harvestable VO Resource Registry.

If you want to know more details about what a "VO Registry" is, you can have a look at the IVOA Resource Registry specifications.

On the left panel, you can find different utilities to handle Registry data:

  • Search Resources

    Allows to search among the different resource types in the Registry. For example, clicking on the "Simple Image Access" will display all the available Resources of type "Simple Image Access" in the registries around the world.

    Due to the fact that the Catalog Service Resource type allows for one entry per table, and that CDS contains thousands of tables, and in order to not clobber the access, we have separated the Catalog Service in CDS and non-CDS searches for commodity.

  • Insert Resources

    Allows the insertion of a new Resource in the EURO-VO Registry.

  • Update Resources

    Allows the edition of a Resource that resides in the EURO-VO Registry. Resources can only be updated in the Registry where they have been introduced, and not in registry that harvest them from other places. Consult the registry specification for more details (see above URL).

  • Validate Resources

    Allows the validation of various types of DAL Services Resource.

If you have any question regarding the EURO-VO Registry, please send a note to our Registry manager.

Version: 1.1 co-funded project